Welcome to the Catalyst Linkshell recruitment section.

Here are a few things you should know about us before continuing:

First and foremost, for the time being we are very limited on the amount of spots remaining in the shell. With that being said we are currently seeking members that would be able to make 90+ percent of events and are well versed in all events. This is not to say we are not accepting applications, however something to keep in mind.

    Further details
    • Catalyst is a shell the aims to tackle all content quickly and efficiently. The goal here is to hit everything hard to cap our members as fast as possible. If moving slow and steady is more your speed, Catalyst may not be the place for you.
    • Gear is not always the main focus of the shell. While we do strive to gear our members well, there are times when pursuing other ventures, whether it be something item based or something of monetary value, may take up a good chunk of our time.
    • You as a player must have versatility. This means multi-discipline jobs, adequately geared and sufficient knowledge on how to play these jobs. Abyssea burned non-skilled 99s will not suffice. Having the gear sets to back up your job selection is just as important as having the job levelled. It's not uncommon to find players with all jobs 99 nowadays but it is rare to find people who build multiple gear sets well. Please be one of the latter people when you are applying.
    • You must be able to remain focused during events. This has been an issue for us in the past and will not be tolerated. To be clear: Small talk during runs (at important points), taking forever to job change, and missing important gear for a run, all fall under this category
    • You must use Ventrilo.

  • Sunday - 8:00pm to 12:00am EST
  • Monday - 8:00pm to 12:00am EST
  • Tuesday - 8:00pm to 12:00am EST
  • Wednesday - 8:00pm to 12:00am EST
  • Thursday - Off
  • Friday - Off
  • Saturday - Off

As one final note, please make sure you be thorough with your application. All incomplete or applications that look like you spent 1-2 minutes on them, will be discarded and not considered. If at any time you have a question PM or send a tell in game to Oswin, Failacious, Cptmorrigan or Hellknight.

Thank you.
Catalyst Leadership
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